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Ahhh, its been a long time sense I went galloping with a horsey. How about some grooming then?

Need-original-name ——————— If you touch my mane, I will burn your fingers. -Judious

Anonymous asked:

Id compare you to the ever lovely and graceful and fierce Mulan. Because she has a heart of gold and always fights for what she believes. Plus beautiful and cute and string and brave and absolutely adorable at times. (Also my headcannon is she is gender fluid so that makes her cooler in my book)


omg im the embodiment of mulan then. And she is such a total bad ass and super cute with so much emotion all the time and not a glittered princess but a fighter to get what she wants and hell yeah

thank you have a keese

Yeaaaaah I didn’t mean to click anon. Stupid phone app thing. But yeah you are sooooooo Mulan.

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